IMAGINES has so far published the following volumes based on our conferences: Imagines: Antiquity in the Visual and Performing Arts (Universidad de la Rioja 2008) (link to online publication, all papers free available), Seduction and Power (London 2013) and Magic and the Supernatural (London 2015).

The last two volumes were published by Bloomsbury, which will host the recently created series: Imagines – Classical Receptions in the Visual and Performing Arts. The two first volumes of the series are now in press and are expected to be released in December 2017. For further information on the volumes, go to publication details in the subpage Imagines Series.


In addition, members of the group have published further collective and monographic works (as authors, co-authors and editors) focusing on the reception of Antiquity in the Visual and Performing Arts. See details on the subpage Publications by Members.