Research Group ELGAR: Estudis sobre Literatura Grega Antiga i la seva Recepció
Studies on Ancient Greek Literature and its Reception

Research Project by the Department of Greek Philology of the University of Barcelona


Our group’s research area is the history of Greek literature and its reception. We basically want to reconsider the theoretical terms which have been used to explained Greek texts from Antiquity to the present day: genres, modes, compositional schemes, concepts of literary theory … and of course the texts themselves and its philological work These ways of understanding the conception literature and the poet among the Greeks have had an impact both on the proposal of emendations, attributions or comparisons, and on the hermeneutic activity. We believe in the need to re-examine them, looking for appropriate methods that may allow a better understanding of the extant
Greek literature, which involves finding new approaches to the study of ancient Greek literature and its history. It is a long term project; and at the moment we are working on confronting positions about key aspects of the Greek literary experience.
Our emphasis on reception refers more specifically to the confrontation between ancient and modern reception. Thus, the first meeting of the group (2010) was intended to confront the ancient and the modern views. But it goes further: as we have already mentioned, our project is aimed at identifying and reassessing the key aspects of ancient Greek literature. This is why the second meeting (2011) dealt with corality, one of the most peculiar aspects of the Greek literary experience, and the third (2013) will deal with corality and relationship between literature and history.

Members: Angela Maria Andrisano (Ferrara), Anna Albertina Beltrametti (Pavia), Anton Bierl (Basel), Claude Calame (París), Montserrat Camps Gaset (Barcelona), Stefano Caneva (Liège), Jesús Carruesco García (Tarragona), M. Teresa Clavo Sebastián (Barcelona), Andrea Cozzo (Palermo), Pau Gilabert Barberà (Barcelona), Sergi Grau Guijarro (Barcelona), Pierre Judet de la Combe (Paris), Ernest Marcos Hierro (Barcelona), Àngel Martín Arroyo (Barcelona), Francesco Massa (Pavia), Silvia Milanezi (Paris), Joan Josep Mussarra Roca (Barcelona), Montserrat Nogueras Hernández (Barcelona), Natalia Palomar Pérez (Barcelona), Ioanna Papadopoulou, Laure Petit (Paris), Patrizia Pinotti (Pavia), Jaume Pòrtulas Ambròs (Barcelona), Montserrat Reig Calpe (Barcelona), Xavier Riu Camps (Barcelona), Rossella Saetta-Cottone (Paris), Joan Silva Barris (Barcelona), Massimo Stella (Pavia), Martina Treu (Milano), Bernhard Zimmermann (Freiburg).

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