During the conference Sailing in Troubled Waters we had the opportunity to admire the famous wall-graffiti of Olhão and to meet the street-artists involved in this exciting project.
As part of the conference programme, the artists produced an exclusive painting on a board inspired by the theme of the conference. SEN and other street artists created a mural work on the local legend of Arraúl, Atlantis only survivor, who is linked with the foundational myth of the town of Olhão and with the Pillars of Hercules.

IMG_0027The artists reproduced the courage and strength of Arraúl, the ‘Hercules of Algarve’, who was saved by a whale, landed on the wonderful coast of Algarve and decided to stay there forever. He is said to have created a wall to protect the coast from the wild sea by transporting big stones on a cart with square wheels. This waterfront was the origin of the Ria Formosa.

As part of our media project Imagines IntoFOCUS, we are currently preparing a video documentary on the Legend of Arraúl, on the mural created by the streets artists and on their own work and projects. This experimental documentary, which will be coproduced by CIAC (University of Algarve) will include exclusive interviews with the artists and offer insights into their everyday life and their sources of inspiration. More on this project very soon…


More on the Olhãograffiti. IMG_0044

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