Welcome to Imagines IntoFOCUS!

This is an experimental project consisting of a series of short videos on particular art-works created by members and collaborators of the network. The project aims at illustrating and approaching Classical Receptions to the general public through very specific examples of works and artists we like. IntoFOCUS is addressed to an international audience, including students, teachers, professionals and to anyone interested in Antiquity and its multiple representations and echoes in modern cultures and media.
The project is also open to anyone who would like to participate. We welcome proposals for videos. You just need an idea and a camera!
Please do contact us for further information on the project: Marta Garcia: marta.garcia-morcillo@roehampton.ac.uk,Stefano Moschini: stemo93@hotmail.com

We would like to thank Stefano Moschini, Cathrine Valmestadrød and Fredrik Valmestadrød for the great job with editing, post-production and music.
The Imagines Team
April 2014

Our first video, presented by Marta Garcia Morcillo (Roehampton), deals with the famous poster by Gustav Klimt “The Combat between Theseus and the Minotaur” made for the first exhibition of the Viennese Secession in 1897.

The second video of the IntoFOCUS series is presented by Charlotte Ribeyrol (Paris) and tells the fascinating story of Phyllis and Demophon illustrated in a painting by British artist Edward Burne-Jones.

IntoFOCUS continues this week with Ariadne in Naxos by Portuguese painter Jorge Martin. Adriana Nogueira (Algarve) presents.