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Current collaborators:


  • Mr Stefano Moschini, Degree in Classics and Film and Media, Degree in Education, Primary school teacher Bruxelles (Belgium)


  • Dr Michela Piccin, Institute of Ancient Civilization, Northeast Normal University, Changchun (China). Specialised in Assyriology


  • Dr Anne Bajard, Lecturer in Latin Language and Literature at the Université Bordeaux-Montaigne, member of the Research Intitute Ausonius. She is an specialist in roman spectacles, imperial power and Roman art. Link to profile.
  • Dr Tiphaine Annabelle Besnard, ATER (Attachée Temporaire d’Enseignement et de Recherche), LESA EA 3274, Aix-Marseille Université (France). Her research focuses on Antiquity in contemporary art (since the 80s), Member of Antiquipop
  • Dr Fabien Bièvre-Perrin, Postdoctoral fellow at LabexMed/Gerda Henkel, IRAA (USR 3155 CNRS/AMU) (France), Member of Antiquipop


  • Dr Florian Freitag, Assistant Professor of American Studies at the Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz. He works on Popular Culture, Performance Studies and Intermediality. He has extensively research in the field of Theme Park Studies. Link to profile
  • Ms Yvonne Vosmann, PhD student at the Georg-August-University Göttingen (Germany). Specialised in Egyptology


  • Prof. Domitilla Campanile, Associate professor at the Università di Pisa (Italy). Specialised in Roman History, she also works on historical filmsand on the reception of the Roman Empire in modern popular culture, link to website
  • Dr Maria G. Castello, Lecturer at the Università di Torino (Italy). Ancient Historian specialised in Late Antiquity. Specialised in manga, anime and their connections with the Classical World, link to website
  • Prof. Genevieve Gessert, Director of General Education, Associate Professor & Interim Director of the Archaeology and Classics Program, The American University of Rome (Italy). Specialist in Classical Receptions, specially comics and cinema, link to website


  • Dr Małgorzata Budzowska, Assistant Professor at the University of Łódź (Poland). Her research is mainly focused on the reception of ancient myths in contemporary theatre. I cooperate with the APGRD (University of Oxford) and Jocasta. Classical Reception Greece. Link to website


  • Oskar Aguado, PhD student at the University of que Basque Country, Vitoria (Spain), Ancient Historian specialised in Classical Receptions in Cinema, member of ANIHO.
  • Dr Ainize González, Assistant-Curator at the Museum of World Cultures, Barcelona (Spain). Phd in Art History and Musicology, specialised in 20th century art, link to website
  • Dr Alberto P. Martí, Barcelona (Spain), Phd in Archaeology by the University of Nottingham. Director of ArkeoPlanet
  • Dr Montserrat Reig Calpe, Classical Philologist, Research Fellow at ICAC, Tarragona and lecturer at Institut Joanot Martorell, Esplugues del Llobregat, Barcelona (Spain). She works mostly on Classical Receptions in 20th and 21st centuries Theater and Opera.
  • Dr Alejandro Valverde García, Classical Filologist and teacher at the Instituto Santísima Trinidad / Baeza, Jaén (Spain). He has extensively worked on Classics and Cinema, with special focus on Ancient Greek Tragedy in Screen.


  • Dr Penny Goodman, Associate Professor in Classics at the University of Leeds (UK). Specialised in Roman history; Roman urbanism; the emperor Augustus and his post-classical afterlives. link to website
  • Dr Ersin Hussein, Swansea University (Wales, UK), Teaching Associate Roman History with focus on ancient Cyprus
  • Dr Silke Knippschild, Senior Lecturer in Ancient History at the University of Bristol (UK). Her work focuses on intercultural relations and cross-cultural influences between Ancient Western Asia, Greece, and Rome. Cofounder of Imagines, organiser and co-editor of Seduction and Power.
  • Mr Ryan W. Cooper, MA in Classical Civilisation (Birkbeck). Interested in Classical Receptions in modern popular culture and in Digital Humanities.


  • Prof. Thomas E. Jenkins, Trinity University, Sant Antonio, Texas (US). Professor of Classics interested in the reception of Antiquity in contemporary media, including novels, theater, and video games. Link to website
  • Dr Michael Seymour, Assistant Curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Ancient Near and Eastern Art, New York (US). He works foremost on Ancient Babylon and its modern visual receptions. Link to website